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Ştefan Nastac

[Ştefan Năstac]

1955. The annual plenary of the Fine Artists Union shows an  unusual approach in the "Fine arts" magazine (No. 4/1955): rhymed chronicles accompanied by the participants cartoons. Visible sign that the party had weakened its ideological vise. The youngest participant was Ştefan Nastac. After about 20 years  a unique work about the Romanian art history appears in 1976: The Dictionary of contemporary Romanian artists, by Octavian Barbosa. The name of Ştefan Nastac is not present. Inexplicable. He neither emigrated, nor suffered some fatal accident, his illustrations appearing until the mid 80s. Not even the annual catalogues of the '70s and '80s supported its name any longer. A boundless  undocumented hiatus.
Ştefan Nastac was not a big name in the graphic art (illustration, poster), but it was a constant presence in the artistic manifestations of the postwar years. Devoid of talent, his style seems tributary to the schematics imposed by the dogmas of those times. It was as his drawing did not want to disturb anyone. Closed lines, characters correctly concluded, and a safe neutral atmosphere.   His illustrations accompanied the text as a  hunting dog its masterPerhaps its peak were the illustrations for the volume of  stories Cei din lună - writen by the playful poet Dimitrie Stelaru, bohemian  unaltered by time.  Nastac's stellar illustrations dance around fantastic characters  invented by its  more phantasmagorical author.  Unfortunately this "perhaps" does not help us to identify the overall work of the artist.

Robinsonka - Marie Majerova (Ed. Tineretului)
(traducere: Cornelia Clejan)
[cop. color & il. a/n + 3 planşe color]

Eine wunderbere reise - Sonia Larian

Iepuraşul cel isteţ - prelucrare din folclorul peruvian de Radu Alexandrescu
(Ed. Tineretului, Colecţia "Traista cu poveşti")
[cop. & il. color]

Clasa în care nu se întâmplă nimic - Iuliu Raţiu (Ed. Tineretului)

Cişmigiu & Comp. - Grigore Băjenaru (Ed. Tineretului, ediţie revăzută)
[cop. color, fără ilustraţii]

Cei din lună - Dimitrie Stelaru (Ed. Tineretului)
[cop. color & il. a/n]

Tom Sawyer detectiv şi Tom Sawyer în străinătate - Mark Twain
(Ed. Ion Creangă, Colecţia BPTC nr. 2)
[cop. color & il. a/n + o planşă color]

Magherit - Gheorghe Nica (Ed. Ion Creangă, ediţia a II-a)
[cop. color & il. a/n]

Isprăvile lui Vicu Năstruşnicu - Patiţa Silvestru (Ed. Ion Creangă)

Poveşti, povestiri, amintiri - Ion Creangă (Ed. Ion Creangă, Colecţia BPTC nr. 37)
[cop. color & il. a/n + o planşă color]

Fata babei şi fata moşneagului – Ion Creangă (Ed. Ion Creangă)
[cop. & il. color]

Neghiniţă – Barbu Şt. Delavrancea (Ed. Ion Creangă)
[cop. & il. color]

Stănicioară cât o bănicioară - Dorina Bădescu (Ed. Ion Creangă)

Aventurile lui Tom Sawyer / Aventurile lui Huckleberry Finn - Mark Twain (Ed. Ion Creangă)
(traducere: Frida Papadache)

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