Project ColoRo

Children's book illustration,  in Roumania, in its heyday decades, 1950-1990, was dominated by two ambivalent extremes: one beneficial, of editorial popularisation,  forming the aesthetic tastes of several generations of children, another negative, deplorable, originating from an  area that was supposed to offer its very patrimonial protection, the studies of art history bypassing myopically and casually  this liven  domain, enthusiastic and tonicshaper of cultural amplitudes.

ColoRo's aim is to  recover this vast field of children's book illustration, to expose it in an accessible spaceto index the Romanian illustrators and their works, and is also an open offer of engagement to all enthusiasts and collectors of book illustration for the fulfilment of this goal.

For support, discussion, contribution, rectification and informative ajustation you can contact us by e-mail: 

ColoRo is a project conceived and coordinated by Monica Visan (Budapest) and Paul Stoica (Craiova) with the support of the illustrated book collectors  Ana-Maria Băsceanu (Cluj-Napoca) and Daniel (Bucharest). Logo & header made ​​by the cartoonist Doru Axinte (Tulcea).

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