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Dana Schobel-Roman

"I have been in dialogue with children's literature for many years now, a genre which I consider very seriously. Every book I illustrated meant for me a challenge, a unique experience, as a writer cannot repeat itself from one page to another. How do I approach this literature? Where the text does not call me there is no pleasure in me to illustrate at all, so I refrain from it as I would from half measures."
Dana Schobel-Roman

March 3, 1952 (Bucharest) - December 1, 2003 (Bucharest)

Education: The Institute of Arts "Nicolae Grigorescu" Bucharest (1976) - Prof. Vasile Kazar's class. Since graduation she worked for the Graphics Department of the Romanian Television (TVR).

The destiny of an artist which ends while its hand smiles in pens or brushes contains the shadow of a gladiator fighting for its freedom. Her assiduous work, passionate in forms and ideas, placed in a rhythm contradictory to those times, was a lethal weapon. But Dana Roman Schobel's graphics, who for 27 years has developed generic movies, shows, rubrics present even in the most obscure corners of the country, has encapsulated a joviality that imprinted itself with ease in the viewers emotional memory.

The same aesthetic temperature penetrated the illustrated books for children. Her playful style, with characters and objects maintained in flic-flac rituals on the page, do not touch at all the banner of the burlesque, charisma typical of the kind. The stories drawn by Dana Schobel have stylish tricks, with white gloves enshrined manners, resulting perhaps from her family tree on the maternal side. She was kin to the famous children's writer Nicolae Batzaria (her grand-grandmother was first cousin to the writer), the frenetic Santa Nae, a senator in the Ottoman Parliament, then re(ex) patriated as general of "the golden tales" that have delighted interwar infantile generations through books and magazines (Dimineaţa copiilor, Universul copiilor).

Even during the university years, Dana Schobel-Roman flirted with illustration, working with drawings for children and youth magazines – Cutezătorii, Amfiteatru, Ing, Viaţa studenţească, but the onset on the chromatic carpet of the illustrated book was done with a series of illustrations for the novels of Eugen Barbu, her diploma project (1976), then followed numerous editorial collaborations, particularly with Ion Creanga Publishing House. She participated in various international exhibitions dedicated to illustration (Barcelona, ​​Brno, Bologna, Rijeka, Belgrade, Bratislava) and had four solo exhibitions. She also did theatre and film posters, record covers for Electrecord, illustrations for filmstrips, engravings and painting.

She was awarded the Prize for the most beautiful children books « Of old, with elephants » (1984), "Small Animal Fair" (1985), "The School of Music" (1986), The Youth Award for "Radu's Travels "(1984) and Little Reader's trophy for " The Zebra and the algebra "(1989).

She died in her workshop in the Romanian Television, following a stroke. She was honoured posthumously The Award for children's book illustration and entire artistic activity. Retrospective exhibitions had been organised at the UNESCO-Romania headquarters, Palace of Parliament (2004), Romanian Literature Museum, Art Museum of Craiova (2005) and Cotroceni Museum (2006).

In 2007, Artemis Publishing House, under the guidance of her mother, Dorina Schobel, curator at the National Museum of Art, has published an impressive monographic album, from which we extracted numerous biographical data for this presentation.

You can view a virtual exhibition of the drawings donated by Dorina Schobel to the National Library here.

Năzuinţe – Patiţa Silvestru ( Ion Creangă Publishing House)
[cop. color]

Podul – Alexandru Vergu (Ion Creangă Publishing House)
Sunt pionier al Romaniei Socialiste -  (Ion Creangă Publishing House)
Caleidoscop - Ion Hobana (Ion Creangă Publishing House)
[cop. color & il. a/n]

Ce-o să fie Bondocel? - Marcel Breslaşu (Ion Creangă Publishing House)

Strada sabiei delemn Paul Daniel (Ion Creangă Publishing House)
[cop. color & il. monocromie]

Bun venit, Ioana Merişor Cornelia Mosora (Ion Creangă Publishing House)
[cop. color & il. a/n]

Anna und die Uhren (Ana şi ceasurile) – Richard Wagner (Ion Creangă Publishing House)

Cu bicicleta prin insula peştilor de masă – Florin Chiriţescu (Ion Creangă Publishing House)

Plecarea lui Lică Ciocârlan – Vasile B. Malschi (Ion Creangă Publishing House)
[cop. color & il.]

Fabule – Nicolae Pop (Ion Creangă Publishing House)
[cop. color & il.]

Tomismar şi echipajul său « Curaj » – Hortenzia Teodorescu (Ion Creangă Publishing House)
[cop. color & il. monocromie]

Năzdrăvanul Voinicel cu tăticul pe şantier Romulus Lal (Ion Creangă Publishing House)
[cop. & il. color]

Călătoria lui Radu Dana Schobel Roman ( Sport-Turism  Publishing House)
carte de colorat
[cop. & il. color]

De demult, cu elefanţi – Katia Nanu (Ion Creangă Publishing House)

Jocul continuă Eduard Jurist (Ion Creangă Publishing House)
[il. a/n]

Lacrimi de curcubeu - Margareta Nicolau (Ion Creangă Publishing House)
[cop. & il. color]

Bagheta magică - Eugenia Zaimu (Ion Creangă Publishing House)
[cop. & il. color]

Când adoarme o buburuză Lucia Olaru Nenati ( Junimea Publishing House)
[cop. & il. color]

Am visat un cal cu stea George Derieţeanu, Constanţa Buzea (Muzicală Publishing House)
12 madrigale, schiţe şi miniaturi pentru cor pe voci egale - partituri -
[cop. & il. color]

Târgul de animale mici - Grete Tartler (Ion Creangă Publishing House)
[cop. color & il.]

Melinda, păpuşa fermecată Iuliana Petrian (Ion Creangă Publishing House)
[cop. color & il. a/n]

Şcoala de muzică - Grete Tartler (Ion Creangă Publishing House)
[cop. & il. color]

Kangdervarscher – Doris Hutter (Ion Creangă Publishing House)

Magazinul fermecat Silvia Chiţimia (Ion Creangă Publishing House)
[cop. & il. color]

Proiecte planetare – Alexandru Mironov, Alexandru Boiu (Albatros Publishing House)

Zebra şi algebra – Grete Tartler (Ion Creangă Publishing House)
[cop. & il. color]

A játék folytatódik – Eduard Jurist (Ion Creangă Publishing House / Könyvkiadó)
[cop. color & il.]

Ora şase şi pătratul – Iosif Lupulescu (Ion Creangă Publishing House)

Ducu şi Lucu şi alte întâmplări vesele - Eduard Jurist (Ion Creangă Publishing House)
[cop. color & il. a/n]

Zece prieteni mititei Dan Cojocaru (Ion Creangă Publishing House)
[cop. & il. color]

Întâmplări în dicţionar - Grete Tartler (Ion Creangă Publishing House)
[cop. & il. color]

Nunta Zamfirei – George Coşbuc ( Junior Publishing House)
[cop. color & il. a/n]

Omul de zăpadă Cezar Petrescu (Junior Publishing House)
[cop. color & il.]

Taina albă – Jacob Popper ( Metropol-Paideia Publishing House)
[cop. color & il. a/n]

A 13-a uşă – Fraţii Grimm (Junior Publishing House)
[cop. & il. color]

Poema rondelurilor – Alexandru Macedonski  (Metropol  Publishing House)

Povestea vorbii – Anton Pann (Metropol Publishing House)

Eclipsa - George Topârceanu (Metropol Publishing House)
[cop. & il. a/n]

Luceafărul - Mihai Eminescu (Metropol Publishing House)
[cop. & il. a/n]

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