Tuesday 5 February 2013

Visul copiilor [1995-1996]

Visul copiilor (Children’s dream) was the editorial older sister of another kids magazine, Țușca-Rățușca, of which we wrote here. It was made by the same team as Țușca-Rățușca, and with the same graphical euphoria of Pompiliu Dumitrescu. The structure was meant for the 6 to 10 y.o. kids, and it contained several texts - stories signed by classical Romanian and foreign writers, Rudyard Kipling, Al. Dumas, Ion Creangă, Mircea Sântimbreanu, Vladimir Colin, poems by Marin Sorescu, Lucian Blaga, Tudor Arghezi, news, quizzes – and fewer illustrations, mostly made by Pompiliu Dumitrescu, and the minimalistic comics by cartoon drawer Constantin Pavel. Other illustrators were Cristian Marcu, Valeria Moldovan, Raluca Dumitrescu.

Like Țușca-Rățușca, the magazine no longer appeared from the spring of 1996, after Pompiliu Dumitrescu’s death. 

Visul copiilor
28 pages, 29 X 20 cm format, color covers, color interior

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