Monday 31 December 2012

Muguraşul [1934-1938]

Muguraşul was an atypical magazine for children. Initiated by the Bucharest County Board of Education, it was intended for the literature written by students for didacticall and educational purposes, without resorting to stories by  renowned authors. The magazine had a monthly occurrence as of April 1, 1934 until 1938 and was led by the school inspector Gh Iftimie and first-editor I. Nicolescu-Poenile.
Unfortunately it was a dilettante conceived  publication, whose illustrative side was very little represented, as one can easily notice, its covers over the 4 years of occurrence were a series of chromatic and decorative floral variations of a single photo, representative for the publication and by extension, for the Romanian educational system  at that time.

Muguraşul. Primary School students review magazine
32 pages, 26 x 16 cm format , two color covers

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